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Spring is almost here…and so is Rob Kayes’ full length solo album!
Stay tuned here for the release date and sneak previews of songs and videos from the new record.

The New Studio Album...The Long Shot

My new solo album, “The Long Shot.” Recorded at Dallas Audio with Paul Osborn & Will Montgomery in Dallas, TX with some amazing studio musicians…

Vocals/Acoustic GTR: Rob Kayes, Piano: Jay Brown, Bass: Kerry Huckaba, Guitar: Jerry Matheny, Drums: Josh Rodgers, Pedal Steel: Mitchell Smithey

All words and music by Rob Kayes • Produced & Mixed by Will Montgomery

© 2018 Long Shot Records. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Never Giving Up On You3:32
  2. Walk Away
  3. Just Hurts My Heart5:06
  4. Hold On To Me4:01
  5. Ebb & Flow3:33
  6. Open Book3:33
  7. Blu4:29
  8. Over You4:50
  9. See Your Life Again4:52
  10. Hurts So Bad3:23
  11. You Really Make Christmas Day3:45



Hurt For The Last Time


About Love


Never Giving Up On You


Lost All Myself In You


Home on Christmas Day


You Really Make Christmas Day


Picked up my guitar and headed out to LA to work with some amazing musicians on my first big solo project.

  1. Headed To L.A.3:06
  2. Nothing In This World3:58
  3. I Don't Know3:13
  4. Rising Up3:27
  5. Once Again3:09
  6. Never Had Her Heart2:58
  7. Naked3:57
  8. Tonight4:03
  9. Burning Bright4:00
  10. I'll Be Alright3:37

The Album that started it all…Going To Eden, Brother from the Crosstown Chameleons.
Rob Kayes • Will Montgomery • Bill Scherer • Gabe Stivala

  1. About Love4:00$.99
  2. Prime TV3:36$.99
  3. Ice3:26$.99
  4. I'll Take You There3:52$.99
  5. The Funky Monkey3:32$.99
  6. Bread & Butter4:45$.99
  7. A Soldier's Lament4:35$.99
  8. The Outsider3:29$.99
  9. Mr. Right3:04$.99
  10. Mirage4:20$.99
  11. Home4:34$.99

Rob Kayes Interview

Interview with Rob Kayes on EDA Music Radio from the United Kingdom.


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